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By: Emilie Cerretti

The beginnings of the year are often a time of questioning where we want to regain our balance, to stop to reframe our alignment and find clarity of mind. Obviously, to achieve this, it is necessary to take a step back, take time for yourself and create an atmosphere of calm around you. In this post, we give you 3 super simple tips to help you calm down the little '' hamster '' that always rolls around in your head and focus on yourself.

1_ If you're not alone at home, get some good headphones to put on Zen music and create a bubble of tranquility (it's super important). Pick a good time to not be disturbed

2_Obviously, we strongly suggest that you light candles because candles transport you directly to an atmosphere of calm and serenity. Smells are also part of the elements that make you feel good because they give you satisfaction.

3_Breathe deeply and slowly. The benefits of breathing are so overlooked when anyone can do it, easily, anytime and anywhere. Breathing well, it calms instantly and it allows us to focus on the present moment to empty our mind.

This moment, you can do it as often as necessary and you should even include it in your routine. By creating this bubble of tranquility for yourself, you will see how it works and that it really helps to have clear ideas to free yourself from everything that is no longer useful to you. We wish you a good time with yourself accompanied by our wonderful candles!

With love and kindness,

Emilie & Joel