In our hectic and constantly changing world, we need our bubble more than ever, a place that looks like us and where we feel good. It is from the desire to live more slowly and to be more connected to the rhythm of the different seasons that Moodgie holds its essence. I wanted to offer different scent themes inviting the outside inside, thus promoting a connection between nature and living space. Our range of products and our different monthly subscriptions are strategically designed to promote calm and relaxation, all year round.

The project

Moodgie is first and foremost the embodiment of values ​​that are deeply important to me.

It was during a period of questioning my life choices, both personally and professionally, that the idea for this project came to me.

To be happy and to feel fulfilled, it is clear to me today that the decisions and actions I take day in and day out must be made for this one specific purpose. It was therefore at the age of 30 that I chose to leave the seemingly perfect life that I had created for myself and to finally do things for myself, because now I am convinced of it, happiness you can't buy it, you build it.

Beyond having, I have chosen to be.

The Candle

For me the candle is synonymous with peace, comfort, calm and well-being. These emotions that I advocate correspond perfectly to what the candle represents in my eyes and this is therefore one of the reasons why I had the sting for the making of this object of comfort.

In addition to creating a unique atmosphere, its different scents are often linked to memorable memories that have punctuated our lives during significant events or simply during a moment with a person who is dear to us.


If I chose to be kind to myself, this project had to be too. This is why respect for the environment is at the heart of every decision and it is for this same reason that quality prevails over quantity. I don't just offer a range of scented candles, I offer an atmosphere, a moment of comfort, a moment for oneself.

Cruelty Free. Without paraffin. Without phthalates.

Our 100% natural, premium soy wax comes from soybeans grown exclusively in the United States. In addition, we use ecological, clean-burning wood wicks from well-managed, FSC©-certified forests or even high-quality braided cotton wicks to obtain a constant, safe flame and increased odor diffusion. All our fragrances are formulated with high-end perfume oils, vegan and certified free of phthalates and carcinogens.

Why soy wax?

  • Produces up to 90% less soot than paraffin.
  • Does not increase CO2 levels in the air.
  • Preserves the quality of your air.
  • Slow burning, up to 2x longer than paraffin.
  • Easily cleans with warm water.
  • Renewable resource from agriculture rather than oil companies.
  • Its cultivation does not require herbicides or pesticides.