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Monthly subscription

Monthly subscription

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Each month , receive our candle inspired by natural seasonal fragrances as well as a pack of matches. Each of our candles is imagined and crafted by hand in Montreal, using our uncompromising selection of premium ingredients.

2 x 220g ( 50h).

Box August

Cactus + Sandalwood

Cactus. Sandalwood.
Cashmere. Coconut .
Citrus. Musk .

The captivating notes of cactus evoke a desert landscape bathed in sunlight, while cashmere brings a velvety softness reminiscent of the touch of exotic fabrics. Tropical accents of coconut transport your senses to heavenly beaches, while sparkling citrus brings a lively and revitalizing freshness. In the background, musk creates a sensual aura that captures the imagination. Let yourself be seduced by this desert universe where the warm air and bewitching scents envelop you in an aura of mystery and fascination.

Pear + Blackcurrant

Anjou pear. Cassis.
Plum. Tangerine .
Orchid. Musk .

Let yourself be transported to white sand beaches lined with majestic palm trees, while the sweet and juicy notes of the Anjou pear evoke tropical fruits bursting with sunshine. The rich and mysterious accents of blackcurrant immerse you in the heart of the luxuriant nature of the archipelago. Delicate notes of plum and mandarin evoke the freshness of sea breezes, while wild orchids dance gracefully, reminiscent of the exotic beauty of Hawaiian flowers.

Advantages :

- Delivery included .

-Package of matches.

- 20% discount on an additional order.

-Fragrances adapted according to the season .

-1% per monthly box is donated to a local organization working in mental health.


Your first box will be shipped within 1 to 2 business days following the payment of your subscription while subsequent boxes will be billed to you and shipped on the 01 of each month. When a subscription is activated within 7 days or less of a month change, the renewal will only take place the following month so as not to receive two boxes in the same week.

Delivery is made in 1 to 2 business days with Purolator.


Our subscriptions are for a minimum duration of 3 months and are then automatically renewed from month to month. Following this period, you can pause or interrupt your subscription at any time by accessing your account or by writing to us by email at

If you wish to interrupt your commitment before the term of 3 months, penalties will be invoiced to you.


100% vegetable soy wax, blend of essential oils and fine fragrance oils, natural cotton wick.

Maintenance tips


First Time Use: The first time you light your new candle, be sure to light it until the melted wax reaches the rim of the container, approximately 3-4 hours. This way, with subsequent uses, the wax will burn evenly.

    Never leave your candle burning for more than 4 hours at a time. This could result in a higher than normal flame, soot on the container, and buildup on the wick which could fall into the molten wax.

    Always trim the wick to 1/4" (cotton) or 1/8" (wood) before each use.

      Discontinue use when more or less 1/2" (1 cm) of wax remains at the bottom of the container.

      If at any time the flame gets too high, extinguish the candle and allow the wax to solidify before cutting the wick and relighting it.

      Cleaning: Rinse container with warm water to remove remaining wax and then clean with mild soap.

      Never leave a burning candle unattended or within reach of flammable objects, children or pets.

      Reuse your containers.


      Fast shipping in 1 to 2 business days.

      Free shipping for all orders of $75 or more or $9.95 flat rate (Quebec).

      Returns / Exchanges

      We accept returns or exchanges within 14 days of purchase provided the items are returned in their original condition.

      (Exceptions may apply)

      The material required and shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

      To make your request, write to us at

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      Cleanly designed.

      We use 100% natural soy wax, eco-friendly, clean-burning wood wicks from well-managed, FSC©-certified forests, pure cotton wicks free of zinc and plastic, and premium fragrance oils.
      • Ambience

        Inspired by nature, our products enhance and promote the conviviality of your living space.
      • Kindness

        All our products are tested and designed to exceed the quality and social impact standards of our industry.
      • Sustainability

        Cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free and responsibly sourced, our products are designed for the consumer of tomorrow.
      • Community

        We believe in the importance of collective well-being, which is why we proudly support the Canadian Mental Health Association.

      A curated selection of premium ingredients.

      We are convinced that the candle is above all an object of well-being and comfort. For this reason, we make each of them exclusively from premium caring ingredients, with no impact on your health or the environment.